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to the Official Website for the Lipizzaner National Studbook Association of Great Britain.

We are the British Stud Book Authority for the Lipizzaner and are recognised by the British Ministry (DEFRA)
We are also recognised by the EU in accordance with the relevant Directives.
We are Official British Delegates to the World Authority for the Lipizzan Horse The Lipizzan International Federation (LIF) and we are proud to state that we comply with the Statutes as laid down by the LIF which are in accordance with those of the European Commission.
We are also a member of the Horse & Pony Breeds Committee of the British Horse Society.
We are dedicated to the pure & correct breeding of the Lipizzaner Horse and our Stud Book is fully accepted by the LIF as representing only pure bred Lipizzaners who trace back to the original lines as produced by the Hapsburgs for the Viennese Court.
We do not uphold upgrading in any form unless authorised by the LIF. Our Main Stud Book Register I therefore is only open to pure animals of proven ancestry.
We have a Register II which is open to Lipizzaners whose ancestry is pure but not traceable back to the originators. There is no interaction between the two registers and in order to enter Register II a Lipizzaner must have a sire entered in Register I or its European equivalent.
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